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Of course this picture was taken in 2018. Who even dares to look happy these days? Not to mention now I have a socially acceptable reason to never leave my room.

Are you stalking me online? Good news: I’ve written a list of my personal information here. Bad news: 90 percent of it is behind a paywall. Pay up, suckers.

Basic Information

Name: Shirley Lee

Age: 24

What I have been doing for fun: Being addicted to a mobile game called Shop Titans (playing it overnight, skipping sleep kind of addicted), reading, watching TV shows, napping, cooking (but was actually just blanching vegetables and freezing them), writing / making stuff online, general attention-seeking and rambling nonsense on the Internet

Recent word and content diet: anything related to Killing Eve series 3, most things…

A story about moving mountains

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Once upon a time, there was a 90-year-old man named Yugong. Yugong lived beneath two huge mountains. This meant whenever his family needed to head out for water, they needed to spend hours going all the way around these two mountains, then spent the same amount of time heading back.

One day, Yugong was heading home, going his seemingly endless journey as usual. He panted. His legs ached. A thought hit him.

That’s it, He thought. After all these years, this is the day. I have had enough.

He arrived home and called everyone in his family to the living…

It wasn’t what I expected

Note: This post is based on actual events that happened a year ago. I am drawing a comic about them from my memory. Details may not be accurate: I may have mentally added in or taken stuff out. Do not expect professional journalism. I am just a person with too much free time.

Names are changed.

One Day

The Email

Photo by Arteum.ro on Unsplash

A story from Chinese history about trading a piece of jade

This is a story about how a guy who didn’t mind dying smuggling a piece of jade right under the eyes of kings.

To be fair, it was a famous piece of jade in Chinese history. Legend had it that Mr He, the person who found the piece of jade, got both of his feet chopped off because of it.

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash. Dinosaurs are extinct so we can say whatever we want about them.

You can call them idiom stories or idiot stories

I usually use self-help article titles to trick people into reading Chinese idiom stories in this publication. But the idioms below probably originated from some dumb gossip by random villagers, so don’t expect self-improvement of any kind.

Idiom #001: Carving on a boat to retrieve a lost sword (刻舟求劍)

Idiom story:
A guy was crossing a river on a boat and dropped his sword into the river. He carved a marking on the boat on the spot where he dropped the sword. When the boat reached the other side of the river, he took off his clothes and dived right…

Tools we have used and what we have learnt since January

reference image

I am an English teacher working at a Hong Kong public primary school (for kids from 6–11 years old). In this post I am going to share with you our experience of online learning during school suspension and tools that have helped. This post is mainly for teachers in primary and secondary education (elementary and high schools). For more information on tertiary education, scroll to the bottom of the page to see a link of a list of Hong Kong scholars you can tweet to ask for help.

Let’s cut to the chase:

Table of Content◼️Background - Hong Kong's…

latest bio + updates

tl;dr: I’ve been posting nonsense like these on twitter. follow my twitter: @thatshirleylee

Basic Information

Name: Shirley Lee

Age: 24

Nationality: Hong Kong

What I have been doing for fun: tweeting nonsense every three hours, reading (halfway through The Unbearable Lightness of Being, finishing Wait But Why’s latest series and bill wurtz’s question page), watching YouTube videos (Daily Dose of Internet, Outdoor Chef Life, It’s Alive series by Bon Appetit, earwax cleaning videos, toenail removal videos and whatever Casey Neistat uploaded) and Netflix (Street Food), napping, and oversharing my life with people on the Internet

Languages: Cantonese (mother tongue), English (hopefully fluent), Mandarin (It’s gotten worse. …

Photo by Paul Zoetemeijer on Unsplash

A nugget of wisdom from a Chinese war story

Ancient China was divided into many states during the Spring and Autumn Period and the states were often at war with each other. The State of Qi was waging a war against the relatively small State of Lu, so the Duke of Lu was devising war strategies against Qi.

A random guy called Cao Gui decided to find a way to talk to the Duke of Lu. A villager tried to stop him.

“Dude, why get involved? Just let the government people deal with government stuff.”

“Nah,” Cao Gui replied, “This war is a matter of life and death for…

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

A story about a tiger in the market

During the Warring States Period in ancient China, there were a lot of… erm… warring states.

To make sure the states were not at war with each other for at least a period of time, the king of some states would send their princes to their alliance states as hostages.

(Actual history always exceeds our imagination. Read up.)

The minister of the state of Wei was going to be held hostage along with the crown prince at the state of Zhao.

Right before the minister left with the prince, he asked the king of Wei some weird questions.

“Hey your…

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash. The idioms are about as real as this photo of a housing estate.

5 Short Stories in One Post! What a Deal!

Totally Real Idiom Story #001:
During the Han Dynasty, famous general Li Guang hunted all the time because he was good at archery. One day, while hunting, he saw a tiger crouching behind the bush. He immediately instinctively shot an arrow at the tiger to prevent a whole hypothetical situation where he and his crew would get eaten by the tiger.

It took a whole minute of silence for Li Guang and his crew to find out that Li Guang didn’t shoot a tiger but, had instead, hit a rock. The arrow went into the rock. Li Guang was like…

Shirley Lee 🍟

I post about interesting things in my life and cool stuff I learned. talk to me on twitter: @thatshirleylee

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