How I Went On About My Day

Shirley Lee
3 min readOct 30, 2023

I woke up at 10am and decided to make myself a quick brunch. There’s pumpkin in the fridge. Pumpkin puree in a toasted sandwich would be nice. I cut some into cubes. To make sure they don’t dry out, I wrapped the plate of pumpkin cubes in microwavable cling film before microwaving them for six minutes. I used the microwave oven instead of steaming the pumpkin so that I don’t have to use and wash the wok. But then I needed some kind of protein in my sandwich. I reluctantly fried two eggs in the wok.

They have cut the water, food and power supply to a place with 2.2 million people. They bombed hospitals. Last night, they cut the Internet off of that place and started bombing everyone in it. The night sky was dark but that place was burning bright with orange.

For the first time ever, I’ve got more than five pimples on my face. I felt quite worried so I took extra care with my skincare routine. In addition to tap water, I washed my face with a cleansing paste before applying facial cream.

They specifically used chemicals that violate international humanitarian law to inflict suffering on the people there. There was a press conference held in the middle of a pile of dead bodies because too many people were killed.

The blogger that inspired me to start writing online said that people were exaggerating when they say what’s happening is a genocide. But it is a genocide. They are indiscriminately maiming people to eradicate everyone in it.

I felt sleepy the whole day and didn’t even turn on my laptop to write. My mom went out to shop for groceries. She sent me a photo of jars of coffee powder in the shop and asked if I needed a jar. I replied that I only drink low caf, and I probably should stop drinking coffee of any kind. I watched two YouTube videos about how two popular songs were produced; then I watched a ton of “pottery wheel throwing bloopers”.

There was a 12-year-old child who dreamt of getting 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Now his channel has 785k subscribers. He was killed in a bombing.

I read a blog post about how a guy dealt with his loneliness by having a filtered coffee in a cafe, buying a book at a bookstore, and buying some more good coffee and ice cream. I smiled while reading the post. It’s nice reading about simple, happy moments in someone else’s life. I read the guy’s bio to find out that the guy is a gay man living in Kyiv, Ukraine. He must talk about his life.