I Visited The Saddest Park Ever and Yelled at My Dad

Shirley Lee
22 min readFeb 7, 2022
Walk into the park and you would be greeted by this depressed duck at the entrance

On Sunday 19 Dec 2021, the Hong Kong government decided to make 99 percent of the city’s transport free for all. That was why on the day before that, my mom asked me repeatedly while pacing around the apartment,

“Shirley, will you go outside with me and Dad tomorrow? Transport will be free! I want to go to Kam Tin and visit the Sky Mirror there. I have been around Kam Tin and it was nice. I want to bring you and Dad around. Go with me! You can’t just stare at your computer all day, you need to move!”

What is a “Sky Mirror”? Where is Kam Tin? Who are you, Shirley Lee, and why do I have to read about your family trip? Good questions.

Some Background Information Before We Begin

Where is Kam Tin?

I am not an expert of the city I live in (Hong Kong). I have grown up and lived here for 26 years yet I still mix up the districts from time to time. I am used to being laughed at for this.

I don’t know the history of Kam Tin (錦田); I don’t know its exact location. When my mom told me that she wanted to visit…