More Lay’s Chip Insanity

A Follow-up To That Viral Post

Shirley Lee
8 min readApr 17


Last year, I wrote about a bag of Lay’s chips. The post was featured by this site. It now has 10.8k views. I was in… another state of mind when I wrote that post. You should go read that post first.

It is always good to coast off the success of an old post, and I genuinely wanted to get answers to the chip mystery. So I paid to promote the post.

It worked.

I’ve got answers.

Get ready for:

  • Answers to why the bag of chips is “Fromage flavoured”
  • General Q&A for all questions I kept getting after the post
  • More truly batsh*t crazy Lay’s flavours

I am going to put the most important answers first because I hate clickbait.

Why “Fromage”?

A guy on Twitter said “Fromage” is probably from a soft French / Belgium cheese called “Fromage blanc”. Being totally reasonable, I read the whole Wikipedia page of fromage blanc, and also learned about fromage frais (aka fromage blanc but with a little less funk).

Fromage blanc is a type of mild cream cheese. In Europe, they are sold next to yogurts. The cheese is often paired with chives, which might explain the “cream cheese and chives” flavor thing.

A person on Tumblr shared that “Fromage” is a word recognized among Polish, Latvian, and Estonian people. They all understand the word as “cream cheese” so it “doesn’t privilege any country’s language over the others”. After slapping this word on the bags of chips, Lay’s can sell them across central Europe.


The person also mentioned that Lay’s may have chosen the word “Fromage” instead of “Cream cheese and scallion” because there might be another similar flavor in Poland already.

These are some answers, but I am not certain if they are the answer. I am going to write down three facts I learnt from Lay’s Wikipedia page here, and you…