My Friend’s $10k Watch Is A Total Joke

Shirley Lee
11 min readNov 11, 2023

“I don’t want to wear this watch to work because it is too expensive and I may break it,” my friend said to me one day. “But my other watch is even more expensive, so I am definitely not wearing that watch. And we are not talking about the price of that watch. Let’s not talk about the price of that watch.”

Nobody asked about the price of your watch, I thought. In fact, nobody has asked any questions about your watches at all.

She later told me that the watch is USD 11,025 (HKD 92,600).

I am going to tell you everything about how utterly stupid this watch is.

My Relationship with Watches

This is my watch.

It was a birthday gift from my aunt when I was 12, in primary school. I am now nearly 30. I am still wearing this watch. I don’t know how much it is, and I didn’t even bother to look up the current price while writing this blog post.

It has been doing its job well for 18 years by accurately telling me the time, the date, and what day it is. It can be used as a countup timer, so I have used it to time my runs. It has also got a world time mode; I always use it when I am visiting another country. It has an alarm function that I have never used and will never use.

I remember having to get the battery changed a few times, but I don’t remember when it happened. It was a long time ago.

There’s now a rip on the watch strap. I have no idea when and how the strap ripped. Because I don’t care.

I wonder what I would do when the strap fully breaks. Maybe I will change the strap. Maybe I will buy a smartwatch. Maybe I will just stop wearing a watch altogether.

I studied in a Buddhist high school (story for another time) and we were shown a clip about someone who stayed at a monastery. The person had a cool conversation with a monk, and it stuck with me all these years:

Monk (pointing at his watch): What is this?

Person: A watch.

Monk (shakes his head): No…