Unofficial Medium Unclap Guide (Updated 2023)

Shirley Lee
6 min readAug 27, 2017

2023 update:

Table of Contents

(The useful stuff is near the end, but the stuff in the middle is still going to be fun to read.)

  • General Medium ramblings
  • Why clapping and unclapping may matter again starting 1 AUG 2023
  • How to unclap on Desktop (2023)
  • How to unclap on iOS (2023)
  • How to unclap on Android (2023)

General Medium ramblings

If you, like me, have been on this site since forever, you’d know that Medium’s policies change every 1 to 3 years. While editing this, I realized that I am making a new version of this in exact 3 year intervals.

I was using Medium back when claps was not a thing. That button was a heart and it was called “Recommendations”, and you can only click it once per article.

I witnessed how they introduced claps; then saw the membership program 1.0 with payout determined by claps happen. I witnessed Hong Kong’s Cantonese / Chinese Medium blogging sphere’s rise and fall (with Medium no longer “boosting” non-English stories, not even putting them on the Following page); how the curation system was put in place; how it was obviously broken for a period of time; how they started hiring curators; how the partner program policies changed and changed, and how the main payout stat changed from claps to reading time.

I witnessed people successfully building an entire writing career on this platform from scratch (from the moment they first introduced themselves and sharing their links on Facebook groups).

It was a pretty bumpy, wild ride.

I was still happily on it though. When I was fresh out of uni 7 years ago, I was just starting to write online, and I wouldn’t have even dreamt of my blog posts getting millions of views, and ended up being a part of multiple popular Tweets. I wouldn’t have dreamt of making any money off of them. I wouldn’t even realize that I can be a full-time blogger, maybe. Medium made that possible.

I am still not a full-time blogger, but thank you, Medium.

Why clapping and unclapping may matter again starting 1 AUG 2023

Medium wrote a big chunky post on how they are changing the Medium Partner Program…